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It’s been a long while since I have written a blog post on this site…in fact it has been nearly 7 years! I could enumerate the reasons for the gap, but in short I’ve been busy. There are many who may be new to the site, and to you I say: “Welcome!” To many others, I welcome you back. 

I started (UJS) in 2010 as a PGY-3 Urology resident in Nashville. I created it with the idea of it becoming the one stop place you could find any current urology job opening. For several years it did well and urologists connected with employers and landed jobs through this site. It was a very lean start up and I ran it while working full time as a busy resident. I was in charge of all the sales and business development, not always easy when you are working 80 hours/week. We now have a full time staff working on this. 

Unfortunately, life did not slow down after residency to allow me more time to invest in UJS. Instead it grew busier. After a urologic oncology fellowship in San Antonio, I stayed on as faculty and spent 2 years completing an MBA program. In November 2015 I left academics to take a job as Chief Medical Officer for a hospital and also launched a solo private urology practice. The practice has grown quite busy and I have been recruiting to have urologists come join me. 

Recruiting urologists is difficult in 2021, and probably even more difficult than in 2010 when I started this site. We are the second oldest sub-specialty and graduate only ~ 390 urologists/year. When you consider the 10,000 Americans joining the ranks of Medicare every day, there’s no wonder why the supply-demand curve is moving up and to the left. 

My experience in trying to recruit urologists to join my practice has reinvigorated my interest in this space. I now know the pain of urology groups and hospitals desperately looking for additional urologists for their practices. I never thought back in 2010 that I would one day be one of the “employer” customers for whom I originally built this site. 

This past year, I decided it was time to revamp the site and re-engage our audience. I’ve hired developers, a business development associate, and social media managers and together we’ve built a new job board and are actively cultivating an audience of urologists via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We are ready to make Urology Job Search the number one destination for urologists looking for a job. 

If you are actively looking for a urology job or just want to keep a passive eye on the job market, I encourage you to sign up for job alerts today. There is no cost and it takes 30 seconds to subscribe. 

If you are an employer and looking for a urologist, I encourage you to consider listing your opportunity on I’m always happy to talk with job seekers or employers about the urology job market. Simply send me an email and we’ll set up a time to chat.  

All the best,

Ian Thompson III, MD