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Middle Men: Who are the players in the urology recruiting business?

I wanted to take a moment to review the different players you might encounter during your job search.  In-House Recruiters In-House recruiters are employed by and usually work at a given hospital or healthcare organization. Sometimes, in large hospital systems such as CHS, HCA, UHS, etc., these in-house recruiters may recruit for their hospitals in …

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Questions to ask in a private practice interview

As urologists, we’ve spent decades in academic settings. We’ve obtained multiple degrees, worked in labs, published papers, and spent thousands of hours working and training at an academic medical center. Many residency programs do not provide much exposure to the world of private practice urology, so interviewing for private practice jobs may feel daunting and unfamiliar. To start, here are some questions to consider as you go into a private practice interview.


​​It’s been a long while since I have written a blog post on this site…in fact it has been nearly 7 years! I could enumerate the reasons for the gap, but in short I’ve been busy. There are many who may be new to the site, and to you I say: “Welcome!” To many others, I welcome you back.