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Blog posts pertaining to financial advice and information specific to urologists or physicians more generally.

Advice to urology residents from 50 practicing urologists

What career or financial advice would you give to current urology residents? We posed this question to urologists who filled out our Urologist Compensation Survey and compiled 50 of the responses below. You will notice that some of the advice is repetitive, which simply means it was given multiple times. That might be the advice to pay most attention to!

Asset vs Liability

One thing that I’m passionate about is financial education.  It is difficult for me to advise urologists on jobs without throwing financial strategies in there as well. One concept that I think is fundamental is understanding the answer to this question: What is the difference between an asset and a liability?

Insurance Mini-Series: A New Urologist’s Guide to Insurance

You’ve made it through med school and are knee-deep in residency — what comes next? Asset protection. You may be laughing to yourself thinking that asset protection is for the wealthy and all you have to show for your medical education right now is a pile of student debt, but remember a young urology resident or fellow’s greatest asset is likely his or her future income! It’s vital to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. Let’s take a deeper dive into what type of insurance you should have and why you need it.